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Signature Mats

At My Yoga Art we intend to be a point of convergence for art & yoga.

The best yoga mat in the market is lightweight and easy to carry, durable, hygienic, and comfortable for long yoga sessions or workout sessions. That’s the type of yoga mat you’ll find at our store. That’s not all, though; our products offer that element of customization, an extra touch, and uniqueness to complement your individual yoga journey.

We hope to provide a platform that connects the yoga community and the artistic community. At My Yoga Art, our custom yoga mats are made from cork or from non-slip polyurethane. Our products are primarily manufactured in the USA and made from premium materials.

Custom Yoga Mats

Custom-made yoga mats are special one-of-a-kind products with a unique message. Design your very own yoga mat. Create your own style. Add a distinctive logo or make a print from a photo or unique, personal design.

A Mat To Match Your Style

Our signature mats are the perfect companion for your journey, regardless of the discipline or style of yoga you’re practicing. Whether it’s iyengar yoga, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, hot yoga, or a more relaxed style such as yin yoga, we have the perfect match for you.

Stay motivated and be comfortable during your extended asana practice or pilates sessions.

Create Your Personalized Yoga Mat

Cork Yoga Mat

Cork is a 100% renewable natural resource. Studies have shown that cork can prevent the growth of certain bacteria, making it much more adequate for its intended use – laying it down on a flat surface for an intense workout session – than those made from PVC or other materials.

Non-Slip Polyurethane

The added grip you’ll get from our non-slip PU yoga mats will help you level up your yoga game. You’ll keep your balance and hold your pose even with your workout session’s intensity level raised to the max. We help you mesh art and yoga. Why? Because we believe they go well together as they focus on self-expression and transcend language barriers.